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Ingrid Katal gives us access to our own natural flow in her very insightful understanding of our deepest need; To honor ourselves. In her book, “What is your HONOR CODE ®” she imparts such an exigency to meet our needs in every aspect of our lives, that we are immediately thrust into the work of undoing the distortions and confusion of patterns that have gotten us too far away from our center. Her work expands upon psychological, social, and mystic traditions, leaving us with a functional roadmap to the very essence of ourselves. The books format allows us easy in and out access, and every page holds something of value. A must read and a marvelous gift for anyone you care about.
Jolie, "Sherman Oaks"

I discovered this book a few months ago and it has given me the tools I needed to dig deep and really go back to basics and realize the amazing potential we all have. Keep a pencil handy because you will make notes like you were back in High School history Class! Many thanks to Ingrid for such an amazingly well done book that has given me back my strengths and potential in all aspects of life!
Brendan, "Pasadena"

Ingrid has taught me that it is ok to do and say what I feel and think to friends, family and even business associates, as long as I take accountability. It has made all the difference in the world.
Tiffany, "North Hollywood"

The concept of putting yourself FIRST was pretty scary for me at first, but I realized that others are eventually ok with it and life is that much easier. If I only knew this earlier.
Sharon, "San Francisco"

Ingrid has the most unique way to eliminate nonsense and get to what counts the most. "Bottom line" as she always says. I have saved time, energy and my health!
Kelly, "Los Angeles"

I found that the phone consults worked the best. Whatever issue I had at that moment, Ingrid was able to narrow in on the challenge quickly and efficiently. Saved a lot of tears, pain and time, Thank you Ingrid.
Sara, "Downey"

I have spent 9 years in heavy therapy and with Ingrid, things became clearer in just 5 sessions. Those sessions took less time and were more therapeutic than my 9 years of grief. It really is all about you.
Shauna, "Calabasas"

Knowing Ingrid Katal is a continual learning experience. Her deep intuition translates into life enhancing experiences on every level. She offers tools that are simple, yet are easy to integrate and understand. She is a rare jewel.
Kathy Pyka, "CCDC"

I have been impressed with Ingrid's obvious ability to determine the key elements in various situations and apply her positive approaches to reach constructive solutions.
Louise Nicholson, "Specialist Credential in Gifted Education"
Ingrid's work, showed me how freedom of choice really is the root to shaping ones inner peace. Her dynamic vitality and thought process empowers me to have strength.
Dr.Bita Shokouh, "Brentwood"

Ingrid has given me the tools to understand life from a different perspective. I have developed a strong sense of self and a knowing that as long as I am true to the strength of my heart... I can never go wrong.
Y. Batalla, "Reseda"

Ingrid's open and non-judgmental nature, allows others to open up and express their thoughts and challenges with comfort, clarity and confidence.
Scott L., "Los Angeles"