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What does your company do?

We teach people Emotional Independence through healing their heart and managing their mind .
This is achieved through the mother program, called Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™.
We cater to Businesses, groups, organizations, institutions and individuals

What programs do you have?

- Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™
1)      Betrayal and Disappointments
2)      Losses and Changes
3)      Deaths
4)      Shame and Guilt
5)      Future Preparation

- Clinics for businesses only

1)      Betrayal and Disappointments
2)      Emotional Reactions/ Learning to anticipate
3)      Taking Accountability/ Eliminating the ego

-Seminars (Topics include: Self, Relationships, Family and Friends)
-Q&A Webinars (people type in questions and Ingrid Katal answers them
Please see home page for further info.

Does it really work?
If you are tired of pain and want to grow, then it will make a difference.
Testimonies can be viewed on-line.

What is Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™
A powerful, rapid, action program that uses Advanced Thinking Skills to simultaneously heal the heart, Manage the Mind,  to achieve Emotional INDEPENDENCE.

How does Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™ work?
It’s a program where you take your most painful, heartaching experience and through 18-22 questions, answer truthfully and eliminate your LEVEL of pain forever. You will learn how to release your attachments to the outcome and eliminate expectations.


    • COMPARISON / No other forum focuses on
    • - Healing the heart and Managing the Mind
    • - Advanced Thinking Skills™
    • - Emotional INDEPENDENCE™
    • - Putting yourself FIRST to be healthy, free and You
    • - Eliminating your level of pain in a few hours regardless the degree of pain
    • - Grasping to the core of any given single issue within a few hours
    • - Eliminating the concept of making others responsible for your happiness and satisfaction due to your Painful Emotional Voids
    • - Overall it is Detailed, simple, In-depth, complete and instant process with maximum amount of growth in a short period of time


When one thinks outside the box, (6 pages ahead). Being able to  use logic, common sense, intuition and bottom line concepts, are some of the core ingredients to attaining Advanced Thinking Skills™.

The act of not relying and holding anyone or anything responsible, at any time, for making you happy and satisfied in order to fulfill your painful emotional voids. To take 100% accountability in everything you say, think, do and feel, regardless the position you are in. To eliminate fear and navigate through life with truth, freedom and unconditional love.

It’s a method where you learn to put yourself first… To be healthy, free and yourself. It’s about managing your mind, healing your heart and achieving Emotional INDEPENDENCE. You learn to create your own HONOR CODE contract based on all of your experiences and the wisdom learned to form the connection and unity with self.
MIND MANAGEMENT Integration™ / Managing the Mind  
The Art of drawing boundaries, standards and policies with everyone and everything, including self, to ultimately attain Emotional INDEPENDENCE.
Once understood, the integration portion is bringing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual together to connect with source and proceed to other levels of evolvement.
The areas of a personality where one feels a need to look outside of themselves for any level of happiness and satisfaction, opposed to searching from within. This includes strength, support, validation, approval, entertainment, love, etc. If not met, a sense of emotional upheaval surfaces and a level of imbalance on all levels takes place.
Many of the challenges are reflections of the real issue. When you are asked the symbolism of something, you are being asked, what is it that it reflects? An example can be the power you have or the lack of or the symbolism of how successful or smart you are, etc.


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Angeleno Hotel ( 170 N. Church Ln. Los Angeles, Ca. 90049. 310 476-6411)
Olympic Collection  ( 11301 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles Ca. 90064.  310 575-4585)
2001 Barrington Ave, Los Angeles Ca. (Private Consultations)

Who is Ingrid Katal?
She is the founder, creator and educator of
The Life Recovery Training Center™ and the Emotional BOOTCAMP™

Refund policy
No refunds. Credit can be applied for future programs, clinics and consultations. No expiration date.

 Concerns/ Late Shipments
Please email or call 1800 426-2977