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The Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™. (EBCRP)

This mother program is the core foundation of all venues at Simply True
offered at the Life Recovery Training Center™.

A powerful, rapid, action program that simultaneously heals the heart and manages the mind to achieve Emotional INDEPENDENCE within a single topic of challenge
It works on the smallest of annoyances, to the biggest tragedies. It is the only program in the world, that eliminates THE LEVEL of pain, heartache and dissatisfaction within a single emotional challenge, in a 3 hour period, Guaranteed!   (Mapping session)

Whether you have a challenge in a relationship, an event that occurred, self-conflict, or would like to prepare yourself emotionally for the future, we have you covered. Overall result;
You stand in the power of you, where you eliminate the pillars of support and stand in fearless balance™.


  • WORKBOOKS                                                                                                                                                   

    • Through workbooks, a process called Mapping, where 18-22 strategically set scripted questions are answered in a written and oral form. This 20 year research heals the heart and manages the mind simultaneously to eliminate the level of emotional pain or dissatisfaction within a given topic.
    • User friendly –
    • For the Professional and Private sector - in private offices, place of business or conference centers.
    • For groups, or individuals. Group settings are recommended due to awareness and understanding level of the human spirit.
      Healing the same topic using the EBCRP as a group, is very powerful and rewarding. The apprehension of exposure to private information quickly fades away when one realizes the level of emotional challenge we all face throughout a lifetime. We recommend that this program be conducted on a voluntary basis. The level of success is greater if one volunteers. There seems to be a deeper desire and drive to process, shift or eliminate a non-productive emotion within an individual, opposed to being told to do it.


    • How we arrived to our emotional state
    • Our opinion vs Reality
    • 5 core catalysts to challenges
    • 12 core principles
    • Q & A


    • The devastation of betrayal
    • Betrayals can identity us
    • Daily decisions based on that identity
    • Who and what we attract
    • Q & A

Shame / Guilt / Change

  • The illusion that haunts us
  • The importance of healing
  • Why change is so challenging
  • How to see change differently
  • Q & A

Death / Loss / Termination

  • Grasping the reality of events
  • Living with a new “normal”
  • How the future will be shaped
  • Q & A

EBCRP uses workbooks to facilitate its programs and clinics. This workbook is user friendly and consists of filling in the blanks, checking off multiple choice prompts and answering questionnaires consisting of 5-22 questions.
The program is available to both the professional and private sector in private offices, place of business or hotels.
Depending on comfort level, EBCRP can be conducted on an individual bases or in a group setting (2+).
Group settings are recommended due to awareness and understanding level of the human spirit.
Healing the same topic using the EBCRP as a group, is very powerful and rewarding. The apprehension of exposure to private information quickly fades away when one realizes the level of emotional challenge we all face throughout a lifetime. We recommend that this program be conducted on a voluntary basis. The level of success is greater if one volunteers. There seems to be a deeper desire and drive to process, shift or eliminate a non-productive emotion within an individual, opposed to being told to do it.

Where you eliminate the pillars of support and stand in fearless balance

The motto is the teaching of; Claiming back one’s emotional power, by eliminating the need for leaning on and making other people/things, responsible for your happiness and satisfaction. By doing so, one stands in their own core pillar of existence with ample of strength, confidence and wisdom, regardless of title, status or lifestyle. The act of eliminating expectations and attachments to the outcome are the stepping-stones to bringing the motto to reality

1. Organize experiences in concise mental packages.      
2. Get educated to how you ended up in this place of emotional challenge.
3. Ask ALL of the RIGHT strategic questions, in the RIGHT order.        
4. Heal the heart and manage the mind.         
5. Answer honestly.
6. Verbalize findings to a witness after completion.
7. Get educated to future possibilities of repeated experiences.

















*NEGLECT (Verbally - Physically)

*ABUSE ( Verbally - Physically - Mentally)












In-depth details on EBCRP

Throughout our life journey, many people experience emotional challenges, in varing degrees.
Issues include betrayal, disappointment, guilt, shame, death, change and loss. Feelings surface and they can range from frustration to depression. An immediate need to replace that pain, heartache or disappointment seem unavoidable. Another course of action which seems natural, is simply waiting for things to change or becoming victimized of our own circumstance on one level or another.
Once immersed in these situations, counterproductive relationships with self, others, substances and various activities, can become a daily reality. This has become an epidemic which needs to be shifted so new patterns of survival can be created and maintained. In general, people want to have their lives back and have some form of normalcy upon return from such experiences. Many productive and innovative tools are available. Never has there been a method where every aspect of pain, heartache or dissatisfaction within a topic, can be addressed in one sitting and have that level of emotional challenge eliminated within a few hours.

Multi-level wounds
We understand the necessity to tend to physical wounds. If we had a broken arm, were bleeding from our head, or hand, or had intense stomach pain, we wouldn’t think twice of getting help. It would be a priority.
Unfortunately, at times when we have emotional trauma, we do everything to expose our upset in a counterproductive way. Sometimes we even hide it and sweep it under the carpet.  As a society, we feel the wounds are neither as important, or assume they will sort themselves out over time. We continue putting fresh bandages on our wounds instead of treating the wound itself from its core. What ends up happening? Our buttons get pushed and our health, work and personal lives get affected for months, years and even decades to come. In short, underneath lies a wound that needs healing. Once the wound is healed, no bandages are needed for protection.  The need for a healing process is just as important, if not more so, to recognize, address and concur to maintain productive overall health.

Bottom line
This 20 year research, chisels to the core of the emotional psyche. It opens the channels to inner-connections allowing communication and actions to override obstacles such as expectations, attachments to the outcome and making others responsible for our happiness and satisfaction.
Months, years and even decades worth of haunting memories and habitual patterns of behavior and issues,
can transform into distant experiences, with plenty of tools to be equipped for future experiences.
Every time we have an emotional challenge, there is a level of pain, heartache or dissatisfaction.
Here we experience our heart and mind going through a level of trauma.
Understanding that all of our emotional challenges stem from ourselves, are the roots of this fascinating journey. If we eliminate all attachments to the outcome, we will not experience challenges on any level. We will only embark on daily experiences with internal growth of wisdom, health, achievements and an internal peace like no other.

 Our Brain - Computer system
Healing the brain is one of the two key organs we address. Our brain’s computer system merely requires the appropriate program to eliminate any viruses and input codes in order to produce healthy perception, and initiation. Within a 3 hour period, the most intense emotion like a death of a loved one or a divorce, can be neutralized to be manageable or totally eliminated. How is this possible?
Through this program, you will understand everything you have gone through within that topic and download a new program in your brain, based on information you discovered and most importantly created  yourself. Changing your behavioral patterns, according to your terms and conditions, actually creates new nerve cell connections in your brain. It may sound very mechanical, but that seems to be the formula to the wiring mechanism of the human species.
More often than not, we like to figure things out, make sense of situations, find reasoning  
behind the act, have a game plan of how to proceed forward, then EXECUTE!
Another interesting point about the brain: it records 100% of our experiences. We are able to access all the information, but we don't know how; even though we have not mastered that skill, the brain stores this information and sends signals to the rest of our body. When we bring up an issue and we react,
(sad, angry, scared, confused etc.,) some responses are obvious to us, and others are not. At times, we react to situations without knowing why - because it isn't as  important to us at the time. The brain can only handle a handful of issues at any given time. When one issue is fully processed, it gets checked off only for the next one in line to surface. This cycle continues and the realization of what once wasn’t as important, suddenly is and becomes front and center. This cycle keeps shifting till full completion.

When we process an issue in its entirety using EBCRP, The neurological pathways shift onto new paths of experience, never to return to their original state. Since this is the only program that covers every aspect of any given issue within a topic, within one sitting, the pathways are fully exposed to that experience.
When we don’t fully process an issue, those very pathways are left unexposed, and the areas that are exposed get traveled on over and over again, without it going full speed ahead from one end to the other, in a single swoop, to make that radical shift to the next pathway of experience.
This is why we are able to experience pain, heartache or dissatisfaction as it happened recently and why it can last for decades. When one has the desire to process their challenges, repeated patterns of shifting pathways create a level of meditative mantras.  When we acclimate to these self-customizing philosophies, our brain takes new forms. These ongoing mantras become a part of our mechanics and we find ourselves in a form of meditation 24/7. Scientists and researchers have discovered incredible findings from those who meditate and those who don’t.

The Heart
Healing the heart is the second of the two organs we address. In general, society thinks that healing the heart may suffice when dealing with departed loved ones. But  life throws us daily challenging curve balls and we underestimate this organ.
We hurt in many different ways and for many different reasons.  Every challenging change, loss and selected   existing reality, has a painful, heartaching or dissatisfying  component. The intensity varies per situation, but the common denominator is this heart-felt discomfort. It is crucial that we understand the necessity of healing the heart in every challenge in order to evolve on many levels.
Even though the heart and brain are connected, the journey of processing pain, heartache and dissatisfaction
in its entirety, is a separate one. After many findings, it is imperative that the heart has to be healed either first, or simultaneously with the brain. If healing is focused only in the brain without the participation of the heart, one will always feel the pain, heartache or dissatisfaction. If the heart heals without the processing of the brain, the emotional challenge will decrease considerably but will not feel complete. The two are vital for emotional progression and independence.

FURTHER INSIGHT… Where it all began

Emotional Experiences
Over the years, we gather an abundance of experiences. Some experiences are created by others, some we create ourselves. We observe and draw our own conclusions by what we see, hear and feel. Here we discover, what we like, don’t like, what we can handle and what we think is emotionally unbearable.
Basically, this is where we endure pain and dissatisfaction on many levels, with people, things and situations.

Emotional Memories and patterns of blockage
Many of our experiences create emotional memories. Some are productive and others we’d rather live without. Some of these memories can disappear as quickly as they entered and others stay to present themselves in the following way:

  1. People are saddened, depressed, enraged, mortified, etc. from an event in their lives that affected them and they can’t seem to move forward to any degree. Certain sounds, words, places, topics of conversation, can be forbidden to speak about and preferred to be shoved under the carpet. Haunting memories can last for decades. Emotions are displayed immediately as if the event happened yesterday.
  2. Challenging experiences are spoken about and voluntarily dissected, but a clear path of emotional progression is challenging to reach, regardless the attempts. There seems to be a sense of feeling “stuck”.
  3. When others blame or lose their faith or belief system based on their experiences.
  4.  When victimization seems to take over.
  5. When ego overpowers a person’s personality due to expectations, entitlement, fear, etc.
  6.  When there is an extreme attachment for a need to control, dominate or overpower a person or situation due to entitlement, insecurity, etc. Not to be confused with job obligation, position or policy.
  7. Sensitivity, over protectiveness, to certain situations, people or topics, due to fear of the truth.

All memories of experience create a blueprint in our character. In actuality we are all the same if we only eliminate all counterproductive characteristics. Kindness, compassion and unconditional love, are only a few characteristics which are instinctual in our being and hidden deep under all the stuff, noise, etc., which we insist on holding onto.

Emotional Reactions
When we are stuck with emotional memories without complete processing, our reactions are a direct consequence of those memories. We tend to hear, see, think and act differently.

Example I: (Reactive conditioning)
- When yelling takes place and there is a need to yell back or retaliate with equal hostility
- When one knows that they’ve done something unproductive, they resort to lying, blaming and making excuses

If a person desires to get attention, they may:
- Dress a certain way
- Be loud and vociferous 
- Sensationalize the truth or outright lie, to implement the “shock factor”
- Display a level of behavior which attracts displeasing attention 

Example II: (Protective conditioning)
The opposite can occur as well.
- Continue the pattern of being quiet, submissive, timid, etc., in order not to cause commotion or upset,
if approached in a hostile manner
- Do as they are told or expected to, even if they are taken advantage of, disrespected, etc.



The EBCRP Experience
EBCRP, helps organize, identify and express all thoughts, with accuracy, speed and ease. What was once challenging, suddenly becomes a free flowing, collective, organized thought process, which is complete and available for future emotional endeavors.
You will learn how to grow as an individual and how EVERYTHING works in precise synchronization, even though you may want life to move faster, better or differently. Once you experience this program, such desires will not be in question. You will understand that it all happens exactly how it’s supposed to.
The other aspect of this program is that you will learn how to eliminate replacing things and people.

  1. EBCRP premise, focuses on a main topic of challenge. This main topic is defined as: one’s Mapping topic.
    (One Maps: Being away from family, death of a friend or change of a job/position, etc.)
  2. As mentioned before, within a Mapping process, there are 18-22 questions which need answering. These questions are referred to as a Script.
  3.  After years of experimentation, we have found that even though every single situation is different for every person and thousands of experiences can take place, only 3 core SCRIPTS are needed for all that one encounters over a lifetime.
  4. We offer specific program topics that can be applied to all experiences in life. These few programs have these three scripts as their staple ingredient.



Marriages/ Family / Friends / Work / Living Extensions ( animals, etc.) / Other

RELATIONSHIP:  WITHIN YOURSELF   (Battles from within)

- Emotional: How feelings transpire throughout your being.
- Mental:Brain/Mind challenges as well as acquiring a mental mindset.
- Physical:Challenges with physical, internal and external pain.


EVENTS - 1 time events, situations with a person, group of people or thing


ACQUISITIONS - Changes and losses with material and valued assets, possessions, etc.

Examples of Script 1: Being away from family   /   Divorce   /   Change of rang, location, etc.   /   Event of a fire, fight, etc.
Home, Property, assets, changed, lost, etc.



Permanent change of what was. Death of anyone or anything.

Examples include: 
- Death of someone or something
- Loss of a business, position, etc.
- Children leaving home



 FUTURE PREPARATION  (Programs offered of the same name at EBCRP)
Preparation of possible changes and losses with the living and material acquisitions.
This script is ideal for emotional challenges that can become an issue in the future, but not at present time.  

Examples include:
- Loss of loved ones
- Going out on a mission
- Moving to a new location
- Not having a choice in facing certain situations
- Getting news that you know will turn out a certain way




Anyone who has/is:

  • Experiencing any degree of pain, heartache or dissatisfaction and doesn’t want to feel this way.   
  • Mentally healthy, but is searching for a vehicle to advance to the next stage in their life.
  • Ready to learn and gather more tools for progression and evolvement.
  • Wants to be Emotionally INDEPENDENT.
  • Anyone who is done with: drama, stagnation, headaches and heartaches.


  • For progression of health, relationships, opportunities and self-growth.
  • By MAPPING, the lines are clearer to past and future desired goals and health opportunities.
  • Once 100% clear of any given challenge, one’s awareness level increases dramatically, aiding healthier future decision making.
  • The inner voice will be louder and more consistent. Our inner voice has never failed us; we have only failed it.
  • Everyone deserves to grow, be happy, balanced, drama and issue free.
  • To bring closure to all experiences, whether joyous if necessary, or most challenging.
  • To achieve 100% Emotional INDEPENDENCE.


One Mapping takes 1-3 hours. The amount of time it takes to MAP one’s entire past, all the way to current day, varies with each individual. Usually one chooses to Map issues which when thought about, still exerts an emotional bondage, (Sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, etc.) People usually start with half a dozen or so unproductive past issue experiences. That is a productive place to start. As past issues decrease, new layers of extended issues surface; we can only  emotionally handle so much at any given time. Once one is 100% done, they will find themselves MAPPING about once a month to remain clear and free. When the entire MAPPING process is completed, day-to-day challenges and issues can take less than an hour to MAP. Why? They are new, fresh and have no history - no baggage. Just imagine: every day, week, month, being able to navigate one’s day with a fresh, chosen slate. Policies, standards and boundaries will be formed on all levels with information learned from all MAPPED experiences.
This step alone, will enable one to always move forward rapidly, instead of standing still, going in circles, or even going backwards. Tools for living moment to moment with people and situations will create healthy pathways on all levels and a new appreciation for life that will be present for  your remaining years. Losses, changes and realities will cease to feel like stop signs; they will be yellow and green lights with different roads to turn to, while still proceeding forward with desired goals.


  • You will know how to process and eliminate the level of emotional imbalance from ANY challenge, in a few hours, feeling a sense of relief and weight off your shoulders.
  • You will be able to release from all fear based attachments and eliminate expectations.
  • You will understand the mechanics of how experiences work, so nothing is a challenging issue, only an experience.
  • You will learn how to look for clues which you have chosen not to see in the past. This will save time, effort, future pain or dissatisfactions.
  • Your sense of awareness and communication skills with yourself and others, will be heightened in order to clarify your needs and intensions for productive decision-making.
  • A deeper understanding of the importance of taking care of yourself on all levels, will become a lifestyle.
  • A system to eliminate making others responsible for your happiness and satisfaction.
  • You will learn how to neutralize your power in any given situation, eliminate ego and stand up for yourself.
  • This program can be done on your own. Material can be ordered on-line for continued education.
  •  Learning to live in the moment with focus and a mental rhythm, where it becomes a lifestyle and be closer to Emotional INDEPENDENCE and mental freedom.


What is the ultimate goal? To lift all unproductive emotions and to save ONLY the tools in each package that will serve as one’s building blocks and blueprints for prosperity and longevity. Simple. Clear. Productive.

There may be billions of scenarios, but when dissected down to the core, there are less than
a dozen REAL CORE ISSUES. If we clear one major core issue, we eliminate many daily challenges.
Challenging emotions can paralyze one’s life journey.
All that’s needed is; Healing of the heart and Managing of the Mind.
By doing so, one is able to operate and maintain to the highest level of productivity without coming to a screeching halt or even going backwards.

Therefore, if we:
• Address the pain, heartache or dissatisfaction
• Identify and release our fearful attachments to the outcome head on
• Heal every change, loss and reality we have encountered
• Create a Mind Management system customized just for us


Then we can:
• Trace the reality of why we experience such an event in the first place
• Take those newly discovered building blocks and shape the rest of our lives
• Navigate our lives without having the need to make others responsible for our happiness and satisfaction

The formula is so simple, that it is surprising at times how we have allowed ourselves to  create such unnecessary intensity of pain for ourselves and made our reality less than balanced, appreciative and free.  



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