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1) For Sales Driven Professionals - EBC Intro Clinic Learn more                    2) Business Clinic / Programs (See below)


BUSINESS Clinics/Programs

Customized for Companies, Institutions, Groups and Organizations


Attention to all upper Management: If you have between 6 to 150 employees per location, please take a moment to read this innovative, self-development program, which can complement your existing company’s staff development portfolio.  


Emotional attachments to the outcome, affect work productivity. 

This includes decision making, accuracy, speed, creativity and customer service skills. 


  • No matter how professional you are…DO YOU TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY?
  • Do you make other people and things responsible for your happiness and satisfaction?
  •  How many emotional pillars do you lean on in life? (Position, education, financial, relationships, material things, etc.)
  •  Can you be just as strong and balanced if you didn’t have these pillars? 


Every emotional challenge is about YOU. It is NEVER about someone or something else. It’s about what you need to face that is different, or less than. It can be for a minute or a lifetime. The moment you release your attachments to the outcome, you will be free of emotional challenges. 

Did you know?

Absenteeism in the workplace skyrockets year after year due to READ MORE…


CLINICS – Surface Sample version of the Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™


  • • Only for the professional sector
  • • 90 Minutes
  • • Interactive environment setting, consisting of large and small groups
  • • Clinics are for all levels of staff



  • • Classroom, workbook setting
  • • Discussions, Personal writing
  • • Class and partner interaction
  • • Workbooks for staff to keep
  • • Q&A


  • Betrayal and Disappointments  (Entire staff)

Productivity on all levels gets affected when staff feels less than, victimized on one level or another, entitled or threatened. Disappointments and/or betrayals start setting in and it sends a ripple effect when responsibilities need to be performed. Resentments, lack of enthusiasm and office politics are just the beginning to what company owners don’t want to see or experience.

  • Emotional Reactions/ Learning to anticipate (Management only)

Managers and Supervisors have quite a task to maintain morale and increase productivity each working day.
At times when handling damage control, the approach, the reaction and the aftermath may not have
productive, everlasting results. Frustration and stress can set in on all parties.
This Clinic allows you to understand where the attachments to the outcome originated, how they can
be eliminated and how to empower employees with results that makes you respected by others with
increased productivity, on all levels.



  • • To educate, bring awareness to and a jump-start on finding alternatives to handle emotional and mental
    • setbacks, which ultimately affects productivity and company moral
  • • To energize, motivate and take accountability
  • • To provide a sample to the complete version of the Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™
  • • Observations on how we arrived to our emotional state
  • • Habits we create and maintain
  • • New methods of observation
  • • 5 Catalysts/Solutions to fears
  • • 5 point Questionnaire for groups of 2
  • • Future awareness and prevention


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SEMINAR Concepts...


Carry the Emotional BOOTCAMP Recovery Program™™ concepts through to your:

Staff integration / Policy procedures / Creative Design

Eliminate stagnation, revamp the existing and bring fresh new accents to create rhythm and flow to your office management team.

Even though professionalism is essential to any business environment from all employees, it is crucial to address possible personal issues in order for those emotions to not bleed into daily job responsibilities.



As a boss, partner, supervisor, manager and employee, we find that frustration, stress and anxiety are common emotions felt in day-to-day business. These emotions can originate daily from home and work responsibilities, office procedures and/or from challenges, opinions and reactions from others. This has direct connection to daily decision making which ultimately can affect one personally and the company as a whole.  How do we:

  • -Balance it all
  • -Empower all aspects that not which surround us
  • -Neutralize our power
  • -Release expectations and attachments and form company and personal standards


Owner's perspective (new or existing business)

  • What are you best at?
  • Things to know that universities don't teach
  • Family/Friends and your new business
  • What every boss should know
  • Business concept/branding...Are you dialed in and are you maintaining it?
  • Getting your company to current trends
  • Policies/ procedures...Are you covered?
  • Your chosen staff
  • Expectations and Attachments
  • Always staying 6 pages ahead on all aspects
  • Absenteeism / theft of time and property / office politics
  • Mixing friendships and business
  • Partner issues
  • When you are taken advantage of
  • Ego, entitlement, etc.
  • Rising to the next level...Are you ready?


Management's and Owner's perspective

  • Am I too nice?
  • Why am I not heard?
  • Why are they just not getting it?
  • Mixing business and friendships
  • Your chosen staff -the right fit
  • Paying attention to details and clues
  • Boundaries, Policies, Standards, on and off paper
  • Customer service with clients and employees
  • Operations structure and paper trails
  • Handling daily challenges with your team
  • Setting boundaries on everything
  • Absenteeism / theft of time and property / office politics
  • Ego
  • Other...


Employee's and management’s perspective

  • Being the best you can be in your position
  • Your physical and verbal communication
  • Separating your personal life with your work
  • Importance clearing personal issues
  • Dealing with challenging clients, vendors etc.
  • Dealing with challenging colleagues
  • Entitlement issues
  • The importance of customer service
  • Working with your office team
  • Working with your management team
  • When fear over powers you
  • Understanding life's choices regarding employer's decision
  • Analysis and dissection of the role you play in your place of business
  • Review of what is truly important for your work and for you
  • Observe past habits in your behavior, instructions and actions with others
  • We examine plan a, b, and c for achieving desired conclusions in various areas of challenge
  • Choosing the right position and company
  • Your personal branding of yourself
  • Your work HONOR CODE
  • Never burning bridges
  • Losses and Changes in all areas of business/personal
  • Other...



  • We examine all administrative procedures and ensure that you are covered in every angle. We
    eliminate unnecessary overflow of paperwork, procedures, and consolidate where possible to save
     time and money yet create in-depth solutions for all situations using current resources
  • We test run existing and new models to ensure excellent customer service
     for both employees, end users, while keeping the main objective intact
  • We suggest additional resources for proficiency and future projections



  • Whether you attract your clientele to your place of business or limit it to just your employees, the      
    atmosphere you create dominates first and long lasting impressions. How you interconnect your
    branding with your decor can say a lot about your company. Whether simple, affordable, clean and
    sharp or high-budget state of the art style, the atmosphere your employees work in can dictate
    their performance, professionalism and inter-office conduct. Together we can make a place that
    you can be proud of, while meeting budget demands. From branding to staff dress codes, make a
    difference and a shift to accomplish your goals and desires.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have black and white procedures for EVERY aspect of your business?
  • - Do Clients call to complain about your product or service often?
  • - Do you find that you have to redo existing work repetitively to make customers happy?
  • - Is money being lost due to mistakes directly or indirectly?
  • - Do you desire a more productive review system regarding staff and their obligations?
  • - Do you wish you had procedures in which you would be able to track your staff's progression?
  • - Do you have any issues with staff regardless the topic?
  • - Are you friends with staff and does that become an issue at times?
  • - Is staff taking advantage of your position?
  • - Do you have a relatively high turnover?
  • - Do you have theft on any level?
  • - Do you feel that you don't have a team environment?
  • - Do you find the atmosphere uncomfortable more often than comfortable?
  • - Do you often experience time being wasted unnecessarily?
  • - Do you find many hours are spent on damage control?
  • If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, then you are on the right
    track to considering assistance.



  • -  To streamline operations to a level of continuous productive flow on all aspects of the business to attain superior customer service



  • - To streamline paperwork with the simplest of procedures while achieving many benefits within that single procedure.  An overload of procedures, paperwork, technical data, etc. is often unnecessary
  • - To streamline staff duties and maximize the companies earning potential
  • - To ensure that all policies, procedures are 100% connected to your ultimate company goals! opposed to fragmentation.
  • - To eliminate frustrating situations before they begin and create productivity on many levels
  • - To be fierce, approachable and kind while still earning respect without attachment or expectations while still reaching the bottom line
  • - To be decisive in all challenging decisions before they occur, while not creating attachment to the outcome



30 years of operational experience and understanding of how the human psyche affect decision making
in hiring, restructuring, terminating, procedure implementation and overall customer satisfaction, which
is the most important ingredient for a successful business.

Packaged together:
Business, seminars and workshops for staff, managers, supervisors and bosses.

  • - Seminars: To remind, recap and discover new ways to look at situations that affect us in day-to-day business.
  • - Workshops:  An interaction type of program where you learn new concepts, have a chance to role-play, to ultimately achieve superior customer service on levels for both employees and clientele. Packaged separately (add-ons)
  • - Emotion BOOTCAMP™ Recovery Program for individuals or/and groups: whether a personal tragedy or ongoing issue, EBCRP can also be applied if a company wide tragedy or disturbance has taken place that had or has, affected daily productivity.
  • - Assessment of current business procedures, policies, paperwork, etc.
  • - Troubleshooting existing or newly launched products/services for excellent customer satisfaction  
  • - Troubleshooting existing physical space and providing ideas, or actual execution of space design desired



  • - Email us  to set up a time and date to have a free phone consultation regarding your business
  • - Both Simply True and your company will determine whether your company is a match to shift to the next level
  • - Arrangements will be coordinated for a tour of your facility to establish goals, timelines,and desired packages -


Prices vary based on;

  • - Hours spent
  • - Size of company
  • - Packages chosen
  • - Goals desired