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In 2002, Ingrid Katal wrote her first book. Choosing a title was not only exhilarating, but also challenging. Ingrid wanted to keep it short and to the point, yet have a title that was self-explanatory. Hence, "What is your HONOR CODE?" was born. From that title, came the world of the HONOR CODE. Through out the years, many insights, tools and inspirations were created from Ingrid's personally challenging experiences and those of her clients. 
The basis of the company was, and still is, that it's time to put ourselves FIRST to heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and to have the ability to be you and to understand what that entails: to claim back all your power, release all expectations, release all attachments to the outcome and eliminate all pillars that we tend to lean on for support and survival. 
Those concepts never changed. What did change was the core essence of what we do, how we do it and what the results signify. It was only fitting that after many years these powerhouse concepts were life changing and took on a life of their own. They have become a huge beast that needs to reform image and recognition.
Simply True
Has helped many people restore their lives to a level of peace, balance, truth, understanding, knowledge and a strong connection to self. They are able to stand with themselves in a strong foundation of values, strength and emotional neutrality. Such a system can't be isolated to one person or one region. It must be spread worldwide for others to teach, recuperate and pass on. We must not only survive this world of perplexity, but also live and love each moment as though it was our last. 


Welcome…A note from me to you

My name is Ingrid Katal and I am the Founder and Coach of Simply True. I specialize in the areas of pain, loss, change and solutions, for the purpose of achieving Emotional INDEPENDENCE.

In my early 30’s, I walked with a cane for a number of months due to severe back pain, which began when I was 15. With much work, I discovered that my back pain was a psychological repercussion of my emotional torments of personal heartaching, painful experiences. Getting healthy was the only option if I wanted to see my kids grow up, never mind to live a happy, long, prosperous life.
After helping others for over a decade, it was time for myself! This constituted a different mindset, radical changes and saying goodbye to everything I thought was true.  I was on a quest to be healthy on every level. I would do anything to find relief. This relief eventually included divorcing all key family members, severing lifelong friendships, stripping my identity, lifestyle and habits. It started to be about my quality of survival. Today, that very mission has become about the survival and health of all of you.

Hence, the motto; Stand in the Power of YOU. Eliminate the pillars of support and stand in fearless balance™.
I received my college degree back in the 80's relating to the fashion industry, which shortly led my career to the business sector.
My experience is hands-on and what I learned from that point forward, is inconceivable and there isn't an institution in the world that teaches what I have been blessed with.



Ingrid Katal has spent over 30 years writing books, programs, instructing, improving, and maximizing productivity globally for various business sectors, parents, children and countless couples. Her inspiring, fresh and bold approach has changed lifestyles of all ages, faiths and backgrounds. Being a Co-founder to one of the largest private companies in that industry, with over 470 employees and 12 branches nationwide, in a little over a decade, she was able to contribute and maximize her skills to showcase and eventually sell to a Fortune "50" Company. Ingrid has designed innovative administrative operations and cutting-edge business procedures that have garnered respect worldwide. By incorporating her unique methods of training staff members, she has been able to pinpoint areas of personal behavior which have helped determine a better business path for all to excel upon. This has resulted in shorter training programs, increased productivity levels, lower turnovers and even higher revenues. Her signature designs promote productive work environments and has helped companies grow to new heights.

Even as a young teenager, she developed an acute intuition, observing life while creating a filter through which she would receive, perceive and respond unlike others around her. Ingrid had the deep desire to troubleshoot and solve every situation that came before her. 
The Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 forced her family to flee to Canada. Raised in a strict household, her tall and striking frame always claimed her a seat in the rear of the class, and proved to create challenges both academically and socially.
 As an introverted 12 year old, challenged with a hearing loss… Years of progressive ear infections plagued her during her early years, and by the age of 15 she'd lost 90% of her hearing, which was later corrected with surgery. High school was a turning point where the older, bigger kids became her new friends and her confidence started blossoming through the creative arts such as drama, music and Royal Conservatory in both piano and voice.
Despite heartbreaking challenges well into her adult-hood, Ingrid has made extraordinary strides both personally and professionally. For the next two decades she worked with underprivileged children, earned a college degree and dove into the business world with her characteristic tenacity. Ingrid’s vast expertise in business operations, the love for the human spirit and her relentless determination to make a difference has set her apart, while smiling, giving and making a difference every step of the way.